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Mar 24, 2022

“How I bootstrapped a 6-figure e-commerce brand in its first year with zero ad spend.”

That was the subject line that Side Hustle Show Connor Meakin sent me that grabbed my attention and earned him a spot on this week’s show.

The brand Connor is talking about is, an organic bone broth, and bone broth powder company.

Connor started Bluebird Provisions after suffering a devastating foot injury that doctors said he would never fully recover from and be able to run again.

Searching for alternative, holistic ways to heal his foot, Connor decided to try drinking bone broth.

He accredits healing his foot injury, in part, to the healing properties in bone broth and decided to manufacture his own line of bone broth products.

Connor now sells his products through retail stores like Whole Foods, on Amazon, and through his own e-commerce site, and saw a 225% growth last year.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • how Connor came up with the idea to sell bone broth
  • how he’s turned it into a reality for a relatively low startup cost
  • the creative and effective ways he’s driving sales on and off of Amazon today

Full Show Notes: How I Bootstrapped a 6-Figure E-Commerce Brand in 1 Year