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Nov 18, 2021

From hating photo booths to seeing an opportunity in the market and taking her photo booth side hustle to 6-figures in 18 months…

That’s the story of today’s guest, Cat Bloch.

Cat told me you would never “catch me dead” using a photo booth at a party.

That was until she came across a modern photo booth, and it completely changed how she looked at this popular wedding venue and Gala attraction.

Cat saw a gap in the market for an upmarket, modern, photo booth. Something that does much more than you’d expect from a photo booth, such as being used for corporate branding, immersive virtual experiences, and more.

Starting with one photo booth out of her front closet, Cat and MDRN Photobooth Company now operate 20 photo booths in multiple cities all across Canada.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to learn:

  • how Cat got her first customers
  • how she prices and positions her service to stand out from the competition
  • and really smart and intentional ways she’s found a steady stream of bookings

Full Show Notes and PDF Bonus: 6 Figures in 18 Months: Building a Photo Booth Rental Business