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Jun 17, 2021

Creating assets you can sell over and over again -- that’s the passive income dream, right?

This is exactly what Rachel Jones at has done by creating and selling downloadable printables on Etsy.

This year she’s averaging over $10,000 a month in sales, all while balancing a full-time job and two young kids.

Rachel has only been doing this for two years, and she’s planning on leaving her full-time job in the near future and going in full-time on her Etsy business.

Big thanks to Cody from Gold City Ventures and The FI Show for the intro!

Note: I call this the Buy Buttons strategy. To kickstart your business, find the mini-marketplaces your target customers are already shopping at. Go where the cash is already flowing!

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to learn:

  • how to find profitable niches to sell digital products in on Etsy
  • some of the categories Rachel likes
  • the tools and technology she uses to get it all done

Full Show Notes: $10,000 a Month Selling Digital Products on Etsy