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Nov 21, 2013

In Episode 29 of The Side Hustle Show, Timo Kiander of shares his top 6 productivity hacks for side hustlers to maximize their time and output. We also get into a fun discussion about managing email, something I definitely have an unhealthy addiction to. This conversation is built on years of experience and research, as well as the habits of top-performing online entrepreneurs. In fact, Timo is the perfect guy to discuss this with since he literally wrote the book on the subject. Online Business Productivity: How to Start a Productive Online Business and Get Sh*t Done - Even When You Are Working 9-5! is now available on Amazon and is available as a free download at I was given an advance copy for review, and can say it was a quick, fun, and inspirational read. It's actually a series of 18 short chapters, each from a different well-known online business personality -- many of whom got their start as side hustlers. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! The 6 Tips: Prepare in advance. Make the most of your travel time. (For example, by listening to this podcast) Working in small chunks of tasks and time. Elimination -- your not-to-do-list. Slow down. Get a coach. Listen in for Timo's explanation and reasoning behind these points, as well as our tips on managing email overload and Timo's surprising #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation. Links: Alan Lakein | How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life Getting Things Done | My review Efficise | My interview w/ Ari | Ari's Udemy course Danny Iny | What do you do to stay productive and build your business? Leave a comment below and share what works for you.