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Jun 29, 2023

John Logar is the king of pre-selling software. As one of The Foundation’s top students, he’s broken all their records and even broken the mold on some of the methods they teach.

In fact, he sold $120k worth of software within his first 6 months of joining the program.

Since he was already a consultant, doing idea...

Jun 22, 2023

How can you turn what you already know into an online income stream? Or better yet, a recurring online income stream?

Long-time Side Hustle Show listener Steven Foust is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer (CW3) and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) who recently left his corporate executive position to pursue his online...

Jun 15, 2023

Pallet flipping is a popular "buy low, sell high" side hustle.

When you return a product to Costco, Amazon, or Walmart, it doesn’t always go back to the shelves. In most cases, that product ends up at a local liquidator that resells it to side hustlers, who then flip it for profit.

Jamie McAuley has been doing just...

Jun 8, 2023

Starting a recruiting business can be a lucrative side hustle, especially if you love playing matchmaker.

Jon Chintanaroad knows the recruiting business inside and out, having worked for staffing agencies before starting and selling his own recruiting business.

Today, he helps hundreds of other people start and expand...

Jun 1, 2023

"To build income you can hustle, but to build wealth you need to build something that doesn’t require your hands."

That's what this week's guest told me, and then walked me down an interesting path in building that elusive "hands-free" business. His angle?

Product licensing.

Product licensing is essentially selling...