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Oct 3, 2013

In Episode 22 of The Side Hustle Show, Jullien Gordon of gives the detailed story about how he transitioned from employee to entrepreneur and built his speaking business into a 6-figure a year enterprise. I discovered his site through David Hutcherson from, another awesome side hustler. Jullien is a super-smart guy, a talented speaker, and is deliberately shaping his own way in the world. I was really excited to have him on the show, and he'll definitely get you thinking in this one. Know what I was most surprised by? He considers himself an introvert. Me too! Even if you have no interest in public speaking, there are some important takeaways for every side hustler here as it relates to personal branding, pricing strategy, leveraging your time, and more. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! Covered in this episode: How a "bridge job" can set you up for entrepreneurial success. The easiest way to establish your personal brand (give yourself a "superhero name"). Suggestions on landing those first few speaking gigs. The single most important element of your website for aspiring speakers. How Jullien was selected to speak at TEDx (3 times!). The "open door" pricing strategy for speakers. How to anchor your rates against the value delivered. The "lightbulb" moment for side hustlers -- when they get that first check outside their day job. What Jullien would do differently if he had to start over. How to transition a speaking business into a more time-leveraged enterprise. Jullien's #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation. Links mentioned: Toastmasters APCA NACA NODA BPAID, Jullien's private coaching program My 3 favorite quotes: "We are part of the standardized test generation ... but life is not multiple choice." "Marketing is 80% of the game." "Go sell something!" To find out more about Jullien, check out his personal website,, or hit him up on Twitter. Let him know you heard him on Side Hustle Nation. Want more? Check out one of TEDx speeches below. This one definitely had some good stuff in it. What did you think of this episode? Ever thought about doing any public speaking? Let me know!