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Aug 25, 2022

In this week’s episode, we’re catching up with the 6-figure houseplant blogger, Raffaele Di Lallo of

You might remember Raffaele from a blog coaching episode we did last year with the help of Matt Giovanisci from Money Lab.

At that time, Raffaele was generating over 300,000 pageviews per month, which translated into around $10k in income, mostly from display ads and a little slice of affiliate commissions as well.

The biggest change since I last spoke to Raffaele is that he’s been able to leave his day job and now works on his blog full-time.

In this episode, we focus on that core of the business and what made that possible: creating SEO-friendly content and monetizing it on autopilot with ads.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • How Raffaele’s business has changed from last year
  • His best tips for optimizing content for higher ad RPMs
  • How Raffaele has doubled down on what’s driving the most revenue

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