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Dec 30, 2021

Selling JPEGs and other digital collectibles - do NFTs present some of the hottest investment opportunities right now?

You could hardly open your laptop or unlock your phone this year without reading about NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

When you start to see jpegs selling for tens of thousands of dollars, you can’t help but ask, wait, what’s going on here?

And as is often the case when these new shiny things pop up, I try to learn from those who are a few steps ahead.

In this episode you’ll meet Michael Quan from, he’s a father of 2 who retired at 36, and calls himself “an accidental NFT investor.”

I met Michael at FinCon this fall, and called him up to try and get some clarity on the murky world of NFTs, and where opportunity may lie for side hustlers, on the buying, trading, and creating side.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • why Michael is investing in NFTs and the returns he’s seeing
  • where you can get started creating or buying NFTs yourself
  • how to avoid scams and what Michael thinks the future holds for NFTs

Full Show Notes: How to Make Money with NFTs: Opportunities for Side Hustlers and Creators