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Aug 2, 2018

Rene Delgado started an online drop shipping store with no ideas and no inventory and went from $0-300k in his first year in business.

It was the search for an extra stream of income that led Rene Delgado to consider e-commerce; selling physical products online.

Drop shipping” is a form of e-commerce where your suppliers ship products directly to customers on your behalf.

Note: Click here to download Rene’s top tips for starting and running a drop shipping business from this episode.

Your role is to drive traffic to your storefront, forward the purchase order details to your supplier when a visitor makes a purchase, collecting the retail price and buying the goods at wholesale.

Rene went through a very specific product research process and ended up starting, where he sells bounce houses and other products related to bounce houses.

He’s already started scaling his business on the success of his bounce house store. Rene has now outsourced the day-to-day operations of this store and started a new drop shipping store that has already turned over double what his bounce house did in its first year.

There’s no luck here. “It’s hard work,” Rene said. That and some careful planning and execution.

Tune in to hear why Rene was attracted to drop shipping, the criteria he used to find the bounce house niche, and how he generated $300k of sales in his first year in business.