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Oct 31, 2013

In episode 26 of The Side Hustle Show, I'm joined by Josh and Jill Stanton from This pair is living the digital nomad dream, coming to us all the way from Chiang Mai, Thailand! Thanks to Adam from for the intro! They earn a living running their location-independent affiliate marketing business from their laptops, and share the five keys to their success during our call. I can't believe we made it to episode 26 without having an affiliate marketing conversation! This has been my "main hustle" for the past 5 years. There are a ton of great, actionable tips here to get you started with an affiliate side hustle. In fact, we use one of my neglected sites as lens and a conversation piece to move through the discussion. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! You'll learn: 3 strategies for selecting a niche. How to do the keyword research and competitive analysis. Why Josh says, "competition is more important than search volume." 2 unique SEO strategies, in addition to guest posting. Some sweet content creation ideas to make your site more compelling without making it "sales-y" The most important thing to consider when building an email list. The 5 Pillars: Niche selection Keyword research / competitive analysis Traffic generation Content creation List building Links mentioned: Stop Building Affiliate Sites Long Tail Pro (affiliate link) | My interview w/ Spencer Haws Open Site Explorer Xenu broken link sleuth | Article explaining this Marie Forleo Aweber Reachmail What do you think? Could affiliate marketing be your ticket to quitting your job and working from exotic locations around the world? Be sure to stop by, say hi to Josh and Jill, and grab their free Art of Authority guide. Trust me, it's a good one. If you have any questions about the episode, be sure to leave a note in the comments below and I'll guarantee you get an answer from one of us.