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Aug 24, 2023

Starting an online tutoring business while juggling nursing school and 6 kids sounds daunting.

As a nursing student struggling to keep up with her coursework, Nicole discovered a passion for helping fellow students learn difficult concepts and develop effective study skills.

This launched her on an incredible 10-year-long journey - from tutoring classmates to building a thriving online membership site, YourNursingTutor.

How'd she pull it off while raising 6 kids?

In this episode, we'll hear Nicole's story of pivoting from an online course to a membership model and achieving recurring revenue.

Tune into episode 577 of The Side Hustle Show to learn:

  • How Nicole revived her business after a Google algorithm collapse
  • Pivoting from an online course to membership model
  • Creative tactics to attract audience and drive sales
  • How Nicole optimized her offers and funnel for maximum value
  • How TikTok helped Nicole gain 80K+ followers fast

Full Show Notes: Scaling an Online Business for Recurring Revenue: From Course to Membership

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