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Sep 14, 2023

Making extra money on the side often requires finding ways to create leverage.

Leverage means getting paid multiple times for work you only have to do once, and making money without having to actively do the work yourself.

One side hustler who has cracked the code on leveraged profits is Steve Slagle. By day, Steve works construction jobs. But outside of his 9 to 5, he now earns over $2500 a month from Beachside Ice, his ice vending machine business.

In this episode, Steve takes us through the world of vending machine location negotiations, landowner compensation, and the importance of maintaining positive relations. We explore the finer details of partnering with manufacturers, securing permits, and overseeing installation and delivery.

Tune into Episode 579 of The Side Hustle Show to learn:

  • Ideal locations for steady demand with ice vending machines
  • Financing options for starting an ice vending operation
  • Local customer promotion with grassroots marketing
  • Maximizing profits through maintenance strategies
  • Scaling ice vending for semi-passive income

Full Show Notes: Ice Vending: $2500/Month in (almost) Passive Profits