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Sep 8, 2022

On the side from his day job, Beau Hunter is a professional shoe flipper.

His flipping side hustle has helped his family erase over $100k in debt!

In this episode, Beau explains why shoes are an excellent choice for beginners and how you can find shoes to flip for up to a 10x return.

If you're looking for an extra $500-1000 a month in profit, I'm confident you can go out and find it footwear with the help of Beau's insights.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • why Beau narrowed in on flipping shoes
  • where he sources inventory and how he prices his shoes
  • how Beau cleans, preps, and lists his shoes for sale

Full Show Notes: Flipping Shoes for Profit

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