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Feb 17, 2022

Today’s guest, Matt Bochnak of, is one of my favorite examples of how you can dedicate part of your week to generating time-leveraged income.

This is Matt’s third time on The Side Hustle Show, and every time we speak he’s made huge leaps forward with his business.

Matt first appeared on the show back in 2016 when he was making around $1,000 a month recording himself performing motorcycle repairs in his garage and selling digital products.

When Matt appeared on the show for a second time in 2019 he was making $4,000-5,000 a month from a combination of digital product sales, YouTube ad income, affiliate commissions, Patreon, and sponsored content.

As you’ll discover in this episode, Matt is now making almost $20,000 a month in revenue. He’s completely shut down the service side of his business, expanded into physical products, and more.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • how Matt’s business has changed since we last spoke in 2019
  • where the idea for a physical product came from and how he validated it
  • the various revenue streams ringing the cash register for Matt right now

Full Show Notes: Turning a Service Business into a Passive Income Stream - Part 3