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Oct 28, 2021

Like it or not, we’re all marketers.

Whether we’re selling ourselves in a job interview, pitching our product or service, or trying to get people to pay attention to our content — we’re all marketers.

And you should know this is one of my all-time favorite topics.

So, how do we solve the awareness problem?

How do we position ourselves so the right people can find us — and the wrong ones leave us alone?

To spark some inspiration and maybe breathe new life into your own marketing efforts, I asked members of Side Hustle Nation to share what’s working for them right now.

Tune in to this episode of The Side Hustle Show to hear 16 of the best marketing wins and tips, including:

  • how you can dominate local search for your business and get a steady flow of organic leads
  • the best social platforms to use to grow and engage with your audience
  • some different and highly effective ways you can build your network
  • and more

Full Show Notes: 16 Marketing Ideas from Side Hustle Nation to Grow Your Business