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Oct 14, 2021

Where there’s pain, there might also be profit…

That was the case for today’s guest, Pete Mockaitis. Pete was seeing some traction with his podcast, the HowToBeAwesomeAtYourJob Podcast, but was struggling to keep up all the off-air tasks — the show notes, the editing, the social media.

For Pete Mockaitis, that pain turned into, a niche drop-servicing company that he co-founded with Brian Kearny and is now doing $10k a month in recurring revenue.

This is something that will work in just about any niche where you can outsource tasks remotely, and in this episode, Pete and Brian break down exactly how they grew their business.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to learn:

  • how Pete and Brian took this from an in-house solution to a $10k/mo business
  • the tactics they’ve used to grow their client roster
  • how you can figure out niche and pricing if you want to replicate this in another vertical

Full show notes