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Sep 23, 2021

There are tons of ways to make money online — the root of all of them comes down to helping people.

Two common ways entrepreneurs help a wide audience is by packaging up their knowledge and experience into an online training course or a membership program/community.

But which model makes the most sense for your business?

To find out, it’s time for another Side Hustle Showdown.

For the debate, I’ve invited back two Side Hustle Show favorites:

  • Jacques Hopkins has sold over $2 million worth of his flagship online course and teaches others how to create their own courses at
  • Shane and his wife Jocelyn sold their primary membership website for over $1M and now help other people create and grow membership sites of their own at

Tune in the week to learn:

  • how Jacques and Shane approach creating content for their businesses
  • the differences in business models between memberships and courses
  • the time commitment involved for both business models
  • tips for pricing and increasing conversions
  • and more

Full Show Notes: Memberships vs. Online Courses: Which Business Model is Right for You?