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Sep 2, 2021

If you’re looking to add some time-leveraged cash flow to your bottom line, two of the best options are investing in rental real estate and buying small businesses.

Both are viable options, and to help you figure out if either or both of these investment options are right for you, it’s time for another Side Hustle Showdown.

For the debate, I’ve invited back two Side Hustle Show favorites:

(In Chad's first appearance, we covered 5 low-cost ways to get started in real estate. With Codie, we explored how to grow and monetize an email newsletter.)

Tune in the week to learn:

  • what kind of portfolios Chad and Codie have built up
  • how you can get started buying real estate and small businesses
  • some of the creative financing options available
  • the mistakes they made along the way
  • and more

Full Show Notes: Side Hustle Showdown: Buying a Business vs. Investing in Real Estate