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Dec 26, 2019

Helping people make decisions is a big business!

In fact, these two Side Hustle Show listeners started a website to do just that, and it's now bringing in $17-20k a month.

Oh, and the project is only a little over a year old.

Alex Goldberg and Healy Jones run a site called, which focuses on reviews and comparisons of direct to consumer brands.

They earn money as affiliates -- basically earning a commission on sales that are referred through the site.

Full Show Notes and PDF Highlight Reel: Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Zero to $20k/month in a Year

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FinvsFin is an example of what I’ll call the modern comparison shopping site -- helping readers make decisions and getting paid for it. And since comparison shopping was my original side hustle over a decade ago, this was especially fun to dive into.

The impressive part is that this is still very much a side hustle. Both Alex and Healy have full-time jobs, and their business falls under the “passive income" business model.

Tune in to hear how Alex and Healy prioritize and create their content, what they’re doing to market the site and drive traffic, and how you can borrow some of their same strategies in your own niche.