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Jan 4, 2018

"I teach women how to get dressed in the morning."

That's how Kelly Snyder from introduced herself to me at FinCon.

(The more "official" tagline is that Adore Your Wardrobe teaches women how to confidently dress their unique bodies through the principles found in math and science.)

There's a niche for everything, right!

It’s a really cool business idea that sits firmly outside of the usual internet marketing space and has helped thousands of women be less frustrated and a lot happier with their wardrobe.

Kelly has used an interesting strategy of challenge marketing to grow her business to multiple 6-figures in under two years.

But the 14 Day from Frustration to Functional Closet Challenge is just one piece of the puzzle, or one piece of the "customer success path," as she put it.

As the challenge wraps up, she invites participants to join her flagship course, and she's added a couple more upsells beyond that as well in response to customer feedback.

So how about results? Each time she runs a challenge she adds another $100k in revenue to her business!

There are some interesting and unusual techniques to her challenge marketing strategies, and definitely some scope to apply these techniques to your own business if you sell courses or any other service.

Tune in to hear how Kelly structures her challenges, how she gets people in the door, and how she converts free participants into paying customers.

Full Show Notes and PDF Highlight Reel: Challenge Marketing – How to Explode Your List and Revenue with Free Challenges