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Jun 27, 2013

In this episode of The Side Hustle Show, we meet Jeremy Blanchard, a soon-to-be full-time Life and Leadership Coach. While working as a web developer, Jeremy has been cultivating his coaching business as a fun, profitable, and fulfilling side hustle. During our interview, he shares his passion for the business of helping others, and gives his firsthand advice on how you can do the same. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show via iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! In exchange for your 34 minutes, you'll learn: The value proposition of coaching. The importance of having a mentor who's walked the path. How to get your first paying customers. How to overcome the common objections. The sales strategy that produces a 50% conversion rate. Why coaching is "the best job ever." Links mentioned in this episode: <-- claim your free coaching session! The Academy for Coaching Excellence Are you considering hiring a coach? Have you ever worked with a coach before for non-athletic pursuits? I'm curious to know how it went. Let me know in the comments below!