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Apr 20, 2023

Last month, I did an episode on the 17 different income streams I was working on.

One of the smallest on that list generated the largest response, and that was the Amazon Influencer Program.

At the time of that recording, I made only $9.50, but I mentioned it was the easiest $9.50 I ever made online. A month later, I earned over $100.

Now, there were a lot of questions about the program, and we’re going to attempt to answer those in today’s episode to see whether the Amazon Influencer Program could be a new income stream for you!

To better explain how the program works, I’ve enlisted the help of two Side Hustle Show listeners who’ve been in the program for longer and are now earning around $2k a month from their product review videos.

The first is Jon Corres, who encouraged me to test the program. You might remember him from episode 413 where he discussed how he made $10k on YouTube without being on camera.

And second is Tyler Christensen from — a serial side hustler, university instructor, and father of four who has also been doing well with the program.

Tune in to the Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • how to get accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program
  • Jon and Tyler’s best practices for review videos
  • other revenue streams they’re involved in

Full Show Notes: From Zero to $2k a Month w/ the Amazon Influencer Program