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Feb 2, 2023

Affiliate marketing is a great business. You:

  • help people make decisions
  • point them to the products that will help them
  • earn a commission on those referrals

But most affiliate marketers — myself included in a lot of cases — don’t put as much effort as they could into their campaigns. And as a result, we cut ourselves short of the results we could have seen if they just went a little deeper.

Today’s guest is Matt Wolfe from, and he’s going to break down what that looks like in practice and the specific tactics you can use to earn more commissions and better serve your audience.

Because the difference isn’t a 15% incremental improvement — it may be a 10x gain or more!

Tune in to the Side Hustle Show interview to hear how Matt:

  • made almost $1 million dollars from one affiliate product
  • promoted his affiliate link
  • drives traffic today

Full Show Notes: Advanced Affiliate Marketing