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Nov 10, 2022

This week’s guest began his side hustle with the goal of getting just 10 clients in 90 days. Four years later, he’s now the proud owner of a 7-figure business!

Justin Tan is a Side Hustle Show listener who was inspired by Russ Perry’s story in Episode 248 of how he began Design Pickle.

In 2014, Russ was running a creative agency when he started to hate everything about it. Not wanting to feel like a prisoner of his own creation, he sought out a new business model, one that offered reliable, affordable, and scalable creative work at a flat rate.

Justin took inspiration from that model and applied it to video editing. And so, Video Husky was born.

Justin’s story is one of many examples of what can happen when you combine a demonstrable business model with a novel idea and an untapped market.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear how:

  • Justin found his first clients
  • he scaled into a full-time business
  • he made the ultimate decision to step away

Full Show Notes: Growing a Productized Service from Zero to 7-Figures as a Digital Nomad

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