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Nov 19, 2020

Zero to 55k subscribers and $50k in revenue in 8 months?

That’s exactly what Codie Sanchez with Contrarian Thinking, her newsletter about investing and entrepreneurship.

Codie's a former journalist, turned institutional investor, turned online business owner. 

I've thought about content businesses mostly in the context of blogging, podcasting, or video -- but what if email is your content channel?

After all, the challenge that many other content channels face is "how to get people to join your list."

Codie's model, in a true "contrarian" way, cuts out that middleman.

This episode is sure to have you thinking a little differently about how you approach building an audience and building an online business.

Tune in to hear:

  • what you might create a newsletter about
  • what makes newsletters such an interesting business model
  • how Codie’s grown and monetized her's so far

Full Show Notes: Zero to $50k: How to Grow and Monetize an Email Newsletter