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Nov 12, 2020

What little purchases or changes have you made that had an outsized impact on your overall happiness?

This is something of a sport in our house.

Bryn and I kind of joke that we have this mission to optimize everything, whether that’s the:

  • limited space in our house
  • hours in the day
  • money in the bank

We've taken great joy in these incremental improvements. We often ask ourselves, “How can we make this 1% better?”

If we can make those 1% improvements consistently over time, they start to compound and we’re way better off than when we started.

I put the call out to several friends and listeners:

What little life upgrade or optimization have you made recently -- with great results?

Tune in to hear 21 little life upgrades -- the habits, products, or tools that don't cost a lot of time or money, but make a big impact.

Full Show Notes: 21 Little Life Upgrades: Small Optimizations to Improve Your Days