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Oct 8, 2020

$18k in 9 months ... from ONE YouTube video?

And that's without even filming or putting your face on camera!

Jon Corres identifies trending topics on YouTube and produces viral videos to ride that trend. Or at least videos he hopes will hit the algorithm just right.

It's a numbers game -- not everything you publish will get traction. In fact, Jon said most of his videos don't even breakeven on their production costs right away. But when you have one that hits, it washes away all those expenses and more.

When I spoke with Jon, he told me about one of his videos that had gone viral earlier in the year. This video quickly hit 1 million views in February, netting Jon $3,200 in ad revenue.

That same video has carried on bringing in passive income. At the time of our call, it had made Jon more than $18,000 and received 8 million views.

All from a short video that cost $80 to produce and comprises of short clips from other videos.

Tune in to hear:

  • how Jon comes up with ideas for his videos
  • how he and his team create videos without filming any new content
  • the types of videos most likely to go viral
  • the math and metrics behind a successful viral video

Full Show Notes: $10k a Month on YouTube - Without Filming or Being on Camera