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Apr 27, 2017

Don't you just love a good outsmarting the casino story? Bring me an Ocean’s Eleven, bring me a Bringing Down the House -- I’m all about it.

Colin Jones is a professional card counter whose blackjack teams won almost $4 million, and he earned over $500k himself.

Now a father of 6, Colin's playing days are mostly over, but he's turned his unique skill into a profitable online business at

Did you catch the Holy Rollers documentary about the Christian card counters? Yeah, it was about Colin and his team.

When we met at a Side Hustle Nation meetup in Seattle over the holidays, Colin explained that card counting -- though glamorized by Hollywood -- is "a hard way to make easy money." He also pointed out that the math involved is elementary-school level, and done right, it really can be seen as an investment and not a gamble.

Today, his Blackjack Apprenticeship site has more than 500 members and in this episode, you'll hear how he's grown this business, how he's priced his different offerings, and how he keeps customers sticking around for more.

Full Show Notes and PDF Highlight Reel: How a Professional Card Counter Beat the Odds in Online Business